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➤ S1-S2 Activities

Interactive web link. Frank’s fingertips e.g organise your fridge.

Create poster – using digital pictures or clip art and Microsoft publisher for kitchen safety or hygiene.

Use Excel ( chart wizard) to create star profile for taste testing e.g apple, crisps.

Research task pricing foods on line.

Research using the web. Cutting and pasting relevant information into a word document / table.

Sourcing prices and design features of electrical equipment – e.g Comet.

Completing personal questionnaire on line –healthy eating

Powerpoint presentation- healthy eating/ electrical equipment/ vegetarians.

Use of Excel and chart wizard to present ideas from research / questionnaires.

Use of interactive game British Heart Foundation .

➤ S3-S4 Activities

Research individuals’ dietary requirements using Present findings as leaflet or powerpoint.

Record evidence of practical work using digital camera.

Nutrigraph with standard grade. Make improvements to recipes make healthier. Compare nutritional values. Can set target to lower fat content, increase NSP.

Quizzes to test knowledge.

Pupils write report and e-mail to teacher.- convenience foods.

Plan a kitchen B&Q.

The use of the Highfield publications Food Safety CD to assist in the delivery of Food Hygiene & Safety NH.

Using the BNF website to visualise The healthy Eating guidelines NH:

➤ Useful websites

➤ More about using the Web

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