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S1-S2 Activities

Online exercise: Ordnance Survey Mapzone. This site provides a range of pupil activities involving map skills. Although mostly game format, they include some very useful, and enjoyable, jigsaw type activities involving UK, Europe and World maps.

Online exercise: Wild Weather 1.

Online exercise: Wild Weather 2

Online exercise: Wild Weather 3

Online exercise: Wild Weather 4

Excel exercises: Climate Graphs. This is one in a range of exercises which enable the teaching of transferable skills i.e the use of Excel spreadsheets to produce graphs related directly to the Geography syllabus.

Online exercises: Google Earth. Nothing produced yet, but a wonderful opportunity for integrating the latest in virtual Geography into the syllabus.

S3-S4 Activities

Digital Mapping:: Most schools already have Anquet or Mind Map digital mapping software., allowing a wide range of pupil centred map related activities to take place. No pupil materials written yet, but this, too, is a priority for next session.

Excel exercises: Further use of Excel to teach transferable ICT skills
i.e. Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Scatter Graphs