Technological developments in society

Early Level

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TCH 0-01a
I enjoy playing with and exploring technologies to discover what they can do and how they can help us.

TCH 0-02a
Within and beyond my place of learning, I can reduce, re-use and recycle resources I use, to help care for the environment.

First Level

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TCH 1-01a
By exploring and using technologies in the wider world, I can consider the ways in which they help.

TCH 1-01b
I can work with others to generate, discuss and develop imaginative ideas to create a product of the future.

TCH 1-01c
By exploring current news items of technological interest, I have raised questions on the issues and can share my thoughts.

TCH 1-02a
Throughout all my learning, I take appropriate action to ensure conservation of materials and resources, considering the impact of my actions on the environment.

Second Level

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TCH 2-01a
When exploring technologies in the world around me, I can use what I learn to help to design or improve my ideas or products.

TCH 2-01b
I can investigate how an everyday product has changed over time to gain an awareness of the link between scientific and technological developments.

TCH 2-02a
Having analysed how lifestyle can impact on the environment and Earth’s resources, I can make suggestions about how to live in a more sustainable way.

TCH 2-02b
I can investigate the use and development of renewable and sustainable energy to gain an awareness of their growing importance in Scotland or beyond.

Third Level

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TCH 3-01a
From my studies of technologies in the world around me, I can begin to understand the relationship between key scientific principles and technological developments.

TCH 3-02a
From my studies of sustainable development, I can reflect on the implications and ethical issues arising from technological developments for individuals and societies.

Fourth Level

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TCH 4-01a
I can compare traditional with contemporary production methods to assess their contribution in the world around me and explain the impact of related technological changes.

TCH 4-01b
Having investigated a current trend of technological advance in Scotland or beyond, I can debate the short- and long-term possibilities of the technological development becoming a reality.

TCH 4-01c
I can debate the possible future impact of new and emerging technologies on economic prosperity and the environment.

TCH 4-02a
I can examine a range of materials, processes or designs in my local community to consider and discuss their environmental, social and economic impact, discussing the possible lifetime cost to the environment in Scotland or beyond.