People, Past Events and Societies

Early Level

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SOC 0-01a
I am aware that different types of evidence can help me find out about the past.

SOC 0-02a
I can make a personal link to the past by exploring items or images connected with important individuals or special events in my life.

SOC 0-04a
I have explored how people lived in the past and have used imaginative play to show how their lives were different from my own and the people around me.

First Level

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SOC 1-01a
I understand that evidence varies in the extent to which it can be trusted and can use this in learning about the past.

SOC 1-02a
By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating them in time, I have developed an awareness of the ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history.

SOC 1-03a
I can use evidence to recreate the story of a place or individual of local historical interest.

SOC 1-04a
I can compare aspects of people’s daily lives in the past with my own by using historical evidence or the experience of recreating an historical setting.

SOC 1-06a
Having selected a significant individual from the past, I can contribute to a discussion on the influence of their actions, then and since.

Second Level

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SOC 2-01a
I can use primary and secondary sources selectively to research events in the past.

SOC 2-02a
I can interpret historical evidence from a range of periods to help to build a picture of Scotland’s heritage and my sense of chronology.

SOC 2-03a
I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society.

SOC 2-04a
I can compare and contrast a society in the past with my own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.

SOC 2-06a
I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence.

Third Level

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SOC 3-01a
I can use my knowledge of a historical period to interpret the evidence and present an informed view.

SOC 3-02a
I can make links between my current and previous studies, and show my understanding of how people and events have contributed to the development of the Scottish nation.

SOC 3-03a
I can explain why a group of people from beyond Scotland settled here in the past and discuss the impact they have had on the life and culture of Scotland.

SOC 3-04a
I can explain the similarities and differences between the lifestyles, values and attitudes of people in the past by comparing Scotland with a society in Europe or elsewhere.

SOC 3-05a
I can describe the factors contributing to a major social, political or economic change in the past and can assess the impact on people’s lives.

SOC 3-06a
I can discuss the motives of those involved in a significant turning point in the past and assess the consequences it had then and since.

SOC 3-06b
Through researching, I can identify possible causes of a past conflict and report on the impact it has had on the lives of people at that time.

Fourth Level

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SOC 4-01a
I can evaluate conflicting sources of evidence to sustain a line of argument.

SOC 4-02a
I have developed a sense of my heritage and identity as a British, European or global citizen and can present arguments about the importance of respecting the heritage and identity of others.

SOC 4-04a
By studying groups in past societies who experienced inequality, I can explain the reasons for the inequality and evaluate how groups or individuals addressed it.

SOC 4-04b
I can describe the main features of conflicting world belief systems in the past and can present informed views on the consequences of such conflict for societies then and since.

SOC 4-04c
I can make reasoned judgements about how the exercise of power affects the rights and responsibilities of citizens by comparing a more democratic and a less democratic society.

SOC 4-05a
I can present supported conclusions about the social, political and economic impacts of a technological change in the past.

SOC 4-05b
I can evaluate the changes which have taken place in an industry in Scotland’s past and can debate their impact.

SOC 4-05c
I have investigated a meeting of cultures in the past and can analyse the impact on the societies involved.

SOC 4-06a
Having critically analysed a significant historical event, I can assess the relative importance of factors contributing to the event.

SOC 4-06b
I can express an informed view about the changing nature of conflict over time, appreciate its impact and empathise with the experiences of those involved. I can assess the impact for those involved in a specific instance of the expansion of power and influence in the past.

SOC 4-06c
I can describe attempts to resolve an international conflict and maintain the peace and can present my conclusion about how effective these attempts were.

SOC 4-06d
I can assess the impact for those involved in a specific instance of the expansion of power and influence in the past.