Information Handling (Responsibility of all shown in italics.)

Early Level

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MNU 0-20a
I can collect objects and ask questions to gather information, organising and displaying my findings in different ways.

MNU 0-20b
I can match objects, and sort using my own and others’ criteria, sharing my ideas with others.

MNU 0-20c
I can use the signs and charts around me for information, helping me plan and make choices and decisions in my daily life.

First Level

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MNU 1-20a
I have explored a variety of ways in which data is presented and can ask and answer questions about the information it contains.

MNU 1-20b
I have used a range of ways to collect information and can sort it in a logical, organised and imaginative way using my own and others’ criteria.

MNU 1-22a
I can use appropriate vocabulary to describe the likelihood of events occurring, using the knowledge and experiences of myself and others to guide me.

Second Level

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MNU 2-20a
Having discussed the variety of ways and range of media used to present data, I can interpret and draw conclusions from the information displayed, recognising that the presentation may be misleading.

MNU 2-20b
I have carried out investigations and surveys, devising and using a variety of methods to gather information and have worked with others to collate, organise and communicate the results in an appropriate way.

MNU 2-22a
I can conduct simple experiments involving chance and communicate my predictions and findings using the vocabulary of probability.

Third Level

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MNU 3-20a
I can work collaboratively, making appropriate use of technology, to source information presented in a range of ways, interpret what it conveys and discuss whether I believe the information to be robust, vague or misleading.

MNU 3-22a
I can find the probability of a simple event happening and explain why the consequences of the event, as well as its probability, should be considered when making choices.

Fourth Level

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MNU 4-20a
I can evaluate and interpret raw and graphical data using a variety of methods, comment on relationships I observe within the data and communicate my findings to others.

MNU 4-22a
By applying my understanding of probability, I can determine how many times I expect an event to occur, and use this information to make predictions, risk assessment, informed choices and decisions.